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    Teen Facts - Drugs, Alcohol and Teens

    Matthrew, 15 

    Jaylen, 6


    The Darnella Foundation for Family Investment (DFFI)  is a community organization that provides resources and services in educational remediation and acceleration, education and psychological assessments, mental health, intervention and prevention for drug and alcohol abuse, family and individual counseling, special education, autism, foster care management, child support, behavioral management, legal aid and much, much more.

    "DFFI has been a blessing to my family.  Over the years, we  have met many challenges with my grandson's school and needed someone to help us navigate the system.  A friend recommended that I contact an educator who just happens to work with DFFI Advocacy. DFFI began working with us on preparing parent education and behavior plans for Matthew that were used in his IEP. I have also used DFFI to help with tutorial services, speak on our behalf at school meetings, and to write letters to local and federal agencies to support my grandson." Matthew's Grandmother

    DFFI Supports Families Where English is the Second Language

    Tiffany, 16

    "My son is a rather bright Kindergartener, and as a mother I wanted him to be challenged. Sadly, at his public school, he was placed in a program that did not meet his needs. His homework was at the level of Kindergarten and below, and my child was reading on the first-grade level and doing second-grade math at home. The teacher admitted that he was advanced but nonetheless, did nothing about it. Every day we would have homework that he would finish in less than 10 minutes. I didn't know what to do. Someone suggested that I ask around for an advocate to help me. I did just that and found DFFI.  The advocate began immediately working with the school and the counselor to advance his work. He was even transitioned to an advanced math class.  DFFI also found us an accelerated learning program for the summer.  The DFFI Team was a true gift." - Jaylen's Mom

    DFFI has a strong history in supporting families whose first language is not English. Our multi-language professionals attend administrative meetings, assist with unexpected crises, assist with disability services, and attend teacher/parent  meetings to ensure that all information is communicated accurately and that all rights and laws are adhered to.

    Happy Family

    "As a Dad, you always want the best for your

    children, but sometimes you fall short.  I have a lovely 16 year-old who used to believe that she had answers to life's many questions. Sadly, she found herself following the wrong friends who led her to using recreational drugs.  As top research professional in a large organization, I found myself loss for direction and had no place to go. After several calls to local agencies, a community specialist suggested that we might want to contact DFFI and discuss some options for our daughter.  The next day we followed her suggestion and we were glad we did. Tiffany received counseling, academic support and mental health services. We still have a ways to go, but she is moving in the right direction."  Proud Parents

    Parents & Sports Association

    "Our organization is always seeking resources for our clients, and DFFI has been one of the best resources in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  DFFI has aided us helping our clients with family counseling, transition housing, legal support, and other social and educational services.  We recommend DFFI if you are seeking individual or family support." R. Richardson -Executive Officer

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