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SERVICES Family Investment Projects



​The National Coalition of Resources (NCOR) Advocacy supports a  tireless mission to give communities the tools they need to sustain a fruitful life by providing pathways for success.



NCOR sponsors monthly and bi-monthly leadership training for boards, committees, and students. Contact Us




School Meetings (Teacher & Administrative)

NCOR will provide qualified advocates to attend meeting on you or your child's behalf. NCOR will also prepare written responses, evaluate IEPs and prepare summaries, help develop and prepare behavioral management plans, and much more.

Having Problems With Your Child's Teacher and School?

  • Issues with IEP

  • Autism

  • Behavior Management

  • Classroom Services

  • Bullying

  • Discrimination

  • Grades

  • Promotion

  • Assistance with College Prep

  • School Safety

  • Assessment

  • Home School & Communication

  • Talent & Gifted

  • Language Development

  • Speech

Family and Individual Counseling

NCOR offers individual and group therapy to all age groups.  NCOR's skilled professionals can also provide psychological, educational and social testing as needed.

Intervention and Prevention Programs

NCOR offers a variety of prevention and intervention programs for youth and adults. These programs are manned by licensed individuals who have had years of service in drug and alcohol  abuse management, gambling, smoking and other self-harm issues.

Navigation of Legal and Medical Systems

NCOR has legal professionals who are licensed in multiple states, and are available for meditation and court services.  We provide assistance with child support, child custody, personal injuries, estate planning, wills, contract and criminal law.

24 Hour Crisis Line​​

NCOR is an organization that is dedicated to meeting the needs of local communities. We are willing to support most causes and will provide professional services to help families and individuals in times of crisis.




NCOR hold youth-led discussions on many youth topics of today. These discussions are held in local agencies, libraries and schools.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a devastating to families. NCOR are certified in domestic violence management and are available 24/7.

Mentoring and Coaching

NCOR has a long history of providing mentoring and coaching services to individuals of all ages. Our mentoring program provides volunteers from career fields who give of their time to mentor.  Our staff and consultants also provide family and business coaching.

NCOR offers a counseling hotline that is secure and confidential.  The caller may also be referred to other resources for additional support.

Information, Education and Referral Services

NCOR has established over the years a multitude of partners who provide family services, share new research in medicine and education.  We  also provide work sessions for a variety of community issues.

Mental Health Counseling

NCOR have specialized mental health medical practitioners who will provide treatment programs, family mental health counseling, work based programs, and will assist with monitoring medication intake.​

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