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DFFI-ED is a non-profit organization developed to support and  supplement  gaps in public education. Over the years, parents and guardians have struggled with skimpy classroom education that has plagued concerned parents for decades:

  • A lack of challenging school homework 

  • Few textbooks, if any at all to reinforce daily instruction

  • A bombardment of worksheets that have little connection with the daily classwork

  • No true understanding of daily lessons

  • Sporadic assessments

  • Missing reasonable and appropriate expectations for children

  • Creativity is overlooked

  • Very little individual instructions

  • Little opportunity to advance the educational gifts a child possesses


…In essence, no quality learning is taking place in overcrowded, stagnant and machine-like classrooms.

tac package

TAC Program, Teaching Accountability for Choice, matches instruction to a child's maturity and saturation level by applying psychological science to practical instructional learning behaviors.

A  TAC Package


  1. ​Assess the child's ability to manipulate, decision-making skills and eagerness for learning.

  2. A team of educator develop a pallet of brain-compatible learning strategies and activities for your child. 

  3. Provide parent instructions on coursework

  4. Access to Learning Coaches 

  5. Reassess every two months

  6. TAC Blog

  7.  Updated educational research


Research and best practices is what we use to develop an individual science-based program for children from ages 3 to 18. Our approach is centered around learning options for student expression.  Developing patterns that help students learn multiple ways to access content.

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