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Young People in Tomorrow's Economy

Adapting to Evolving Employer Skill Demands Our interviewees acknowledged rapid change in workplace technology in the three fields we examined, and they underscored that many jobs now require the performance of a wider range of tasks and responsibilities than in the past. They emphasized four categories of skills that employers are increasingly seeking: (1) foundational skills in math, reading, and writing; (2) technical skills for specific positions; (3) digital literacy skills to interpret, analyze, and communicate using digital platforms; and (4) a broad mix of interpersonal and cognitive skills central to collaboration, critical thinking, and customer service. Our interviewees also noted 2 COMMUNITY COLLEGE RESEARCH CENTER | TEACHERS COLLEGE, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY that—because workplace technologies change quickly—employers tend to seek data-literate, adaptable generalists rather than narrowly trained specialists.

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E-Cigarettes and Vaping - Markham Heid

Glantz and other e-cigarette researchers say much is still unknown when it comes to the health effects of vaping devices, including the popular brand Juul. But hundreds of e-cigarette studies have come out in just the past two years. And experts say the more we learn about e-cigarettes, the more they’re starting to look like traditional tobacco cigs.

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