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Parents Rights Should Not End at the School Door

By Nathan Hoffman – Director of State Policy and Legislative Strategy, ExcelinEd

In America, parents have sweeping rights and authority over the affairs of their children. They do not relinquish these rights when their children enter the schoolhouse doors. Yet until recently, parents were largely unaware of what took place after their child was dropped off at the schoolhouse doors for the day. The pandemic changed all of that. It gave parents a front-row seat in their child’s classroom. And many didn’t like what they saw and heard.

A very public and impassioned debate has ensued in communities across the country with parents voicing their concerns and frustrations to school board members and other elected officials. As a result, some have suggested these parents are nothing more than bad actors espousing racism, homophobia, etc. The problem we have here has less to do about race and the like as much as it is a reaction to boundaries that many parents rightly feel have been crossed. And as a matter of public policy, more can be done to ensure parents are part of the education process and their rights are acknowledged, without overburdening the K–12 education system.

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